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6 Mar 2013 - 12:24 WIB

With an economy about to reach the trillion-dollar mark, Indonesia is a very attractive market for Western companies. However, labor regulations that favor employees over employers may make it difficult for HR managers to recruit top talent and handle HR issues.

Pacific Bridge Recruiting is the premier firm to help you navigate the complexities of executive search in Indonesia.

Although Indonesia has one of the lowest average annual wages in Southeast Asia, labor unions are gaining power and demanding better compensation. The number of labor strikes has been rising as workers strive to achieve a better standard of living. Western HR managers need to implement the best HR practices to successfully recruit and retain top talent in this shifting HR climate.

Pacific Bridge Recruiting has worked in Indonesia for the past 24 years, and has affiliates in Jakarta. Our experienced executive recruiters and Indonesia headhunters in our Bethesda, MD office are also well networked with qualified candidates in a wide variety of industries throughout Indonesia.

Rely on PBRs Indonesia executive search team to overcome the challenges of recruiting in Indonesia, including:

Indonesia executive search for top executives Recruiting in Indonesia can be like travelling through a minefield. Indonesian labor laws make hiring the wrong executive for the job an extremely costly mistake. PBRs Indonesia executive search consultants can help you hire the right talent the first time to prevent a hiring error that could have devastating effects on your companys bottom line.
Legal and cost-effective employee termination Indonesias labor laws require high severance fees for workers that are terminated for any reason. This often causes companies to retain ineffectual employees until their contracts expire, resulting in decreased productivity and increased labor costs. Our Indonesia HR consultants can provide strategies to legally and inexpensively terminate these costly employees.
Best Practices for HR Management As Indonesias economy continues to grow, more workers are striking for higher wages that they feel are deserved. These labor disputes come with an increasing threat of unrest and violence from dissatisfied employees. PBRs experts on human resources in Indonesia can develop compensation structures and work conditions in your company to help you avoid this growing threat to stability.

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